Google, Mint, Data Recovery, More: Afternoon Buzz, June 24, 2014

OneDrive has seriously dropped its storage prices. “Microsoft has more than doubled the base storage from 7GB to 15GB, and it cut the prices of paid storage. 100GB has been slashed from $7.49 per month to $1.99. 200GB has gone from $11.49 a month to $3.99, meaning that, strangely, two 100GB subscriptions are slightly cheaper than one 200GB option.”

TechnoBob has a quick article on PaperLater. “It’s a service run by the Newspaper Club that allows users to save online content for printing later. When you’re done adding articles for your own personal newspaper of online content, PaperLater will print it and ship it to your doorstep.”

Congrats to FamilySearch, now with one billion records!

Ars Technical takes a thorough look at the new Mint 17.

Is Google going to try to run a telecom cable across the Pacific?

More Google: it’s getting into … domain registrations?

Useful from Hongkiat: 10 data recovery apps you can download for free. Good afternoon, Internet…

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