FBI, MOOCs, IFTTT, More: Morning Buzz, June 25, 2014

Today the FBI is hosting its first Twitter chat.

Nest is going to offer an API.

Interesting from The Next Web: see how Google Maps displays disputed territories around the world. “Google Maps almost caused a war between Nicaragua and Costa Rica back in 2010, so it’s clear that border disputes are a sensitive issue. Earlier this year, the Washington Post revealed Google’s unique way to appease all sides — it shows alternative versions of disputed borders to different sides — and now there’s a website that visualizes the differences.”

Lenovo has patented its own version of Google Glass. “The device is fairly simple. It consists of an audio and video recorder as well as light-pump VOD displays that appear to be from Lumus Labs, a company we’ve covered before. This would turn these glasses into the equivalent of a wearable heads-up display and, thanks to bone conduction microphones in the earpieces, add a method for wireless communication as well.”

Browser company Opera has purchased mobile advertising site AdColony. *shudder* *twitch*

Twitter is experimenting with a new way to retweet. “Retweet with comment.” Good; I need more room to snark.

To recognize the centenary of World War I, the British Library is undertaking to archive a collection of topically-relevant Web sites, and wants your help finding them.

Google is sponsoring Carnegie Mellon university research to improve MOOCs. “The multi-year program, made possible through a Google Focused Research Award, employs a variety of methods to improve MOOCs. The research plan includes development of techniques for automatically analyzing and providing feedback on student work, for creating social ties between learners and for designing MOOCS that are effective for students with a variety of cultural backgrounds.”

More Google, and more good stuff from Social Media Examiner: the basics of Google Analytics.

This won’t make you paranoid AT ALL: a map that lets you watch hacking attacks / attempts in real time. “In a wonderful animated map, computer security company Norse shows who’s hacking who in real time. These hacks aren’t the ones going after the Pentagon, of course. Instead, says Quartz, Norse’s map shows hacking attempts against a ‘honeypot’ network set up by Norse. This isn’t all the world’s hacking, but it could be a representative view of what that hacking ecosystem looks like.”

IFTTT now has Nest channels. Are Dropcam channels far behind?

The Census Bureau has added some updates to its Emergency Management Mapping Tool. “Users can easily retrieve reports containing detailed workforce, population and housing characteristics for hurricanes, floods, wildfires, winter storms and federal disaster declaration areas.” Good morning, Internet…

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