Calculus, Alchemy Texts, Ubuntu, More: Sunday Buzz, June 29, 2014

Zooniverse has a new project: Asteroid Zoo at . Identify the near Earth objects (NEOs)! “Asteroid Zoo is our new citizen science website that asks for everyone’s help tracking down asteroids. We are using data from the Catalina Sky Survey and we think that if anyone can help find asteroids hidden amongst the stars and artefacts, it’s the Zooniverse community. There’s a lot if data to get through and we can’t do it without you.”

I hope you never need this, BUT: How to reinstall Windows like a Pro. WARNING! PC World!

Huawei and Curriki are collaborating to make free online educational resources for calculus students (PRESS RELEASE). “Under the agreement, Curriki will curate Open Educational Resources for a Curriki Calculus Collection. The collection will be designed for use in a teacher-led, group-based instructional setting, and provide multimedia instruction, interactive learning and reference resources suitable for student use. ”

The British Library has digitized four of the Ripley scrolls — if you have any interest in medieval art, PLEASE visit the link. “Based on The Compound of Alchemy of George Ripley (d. c. 1490) and other pseudo-scientific texts, these scrolls are intriguing, bizarre and perplexing in equal measure. They date from around the end of the sixteenth century to the beginning of the seventeenth century, however their origins are unknown. An inscription on the second scroll records that ‘This long Rolle was Dra[ur]ne for me in Cullers at Lubeck in Germany Anno 1588’ – however, two other scrolls bear a similar note, so neither the date nor the location may be established with any certainty.”

Ubuntu 14.10 has been given its first alpha release. Utopic Unicorn!

Google takes a look at the World Cup via its own searches.

From Upfront with NGS: Where to learn about online searchable death indexes, an overview of the Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records site.

More genealogy! FamilySearch is hosting a giant indexing party in July and needs your help!

The ALA has spoken out on its support for the FOIA Improvement Act of 2014. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the link to the full letter to work…

Google Chrome is getting one-click video chats — no download required.

The LA Tech Blog has a writeup about Patreon, a crowdfunding site specifically for artists.

Facebook is fighting a very large US Court data request. “Facebook is fighting a US court order in which it was forced to hand over data belonging to almost 400 people involved in a benefit fraud trial.” Facebook gave up the data but is still fighting the order. Good morning, Internet…

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