Bing, Twitter, Street View, More: Afternoon Buzz, July 1, 2014

Amit! How to save tweets for any Twitter hashtag.

The Supreme Court says a lawsuit over Google Street View privacy can proceed. “On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected Google’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit pertaining to Google Street View. The lawsuit contends that the tech giant violated the federal wiretap law when it accidentally collected data while creating Google Street View.”

The Financial Times has assembled a list of what it considers to be the best business-related MOOCs. It’s called MooC Tracker.

Beyond Search has a brief article on DuckDuckGo’s redesign.

How do you spot fake followers and “crowdturfing” on Twitter?

Bing is now offering more search result information for books and online courses. Very sweet, Bing. I am feeling some search love here.

Apple has released iOS 7.1.2. “The list of changes is short and focused mainly on minor bugs—it “improves iBeacon connectivity and stability,” patches a security hole whereby at-rest e-mail attachments could be accessed by an attacker if he or she had physical access to your phone, and fixes a problem with data transfers from accessories ‘including barcode scanners.'” Good afternoon, Internet…

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