Google, Pi, San Mateo, More: Friday Buzz, July 4, 2014

From Inc: “Three free tools I use to spy on my competitors”.

Google and Chicago Public Libraries are teaming up to allow patrons to check out robots that teach programming. “They’re small motorized robots on wheels that are slightly larger than your hand and were designed at Carnegie Mellon University.”

Matt Cutts, one of the most visible faces in search, is taking some extended time off. Good for him. Take a nap for me, Matt.

Speaking of Matt Cutts, Jason Calacanis apparently hates him for the failure of Mahalo. While there are plenty of reasons to criticize Google for the way it ranks sites and its lack of transparency, hating specifically on Matt Cutts seems a bit extreme…

Google Street View + museums with mirrors = Street View Selfies.

More Google: Google has banned porn ads from search results.

Hey! Turning Instagram photos into View-Master reels.

The San Mateo County History Museum has gone online. “Organizers of the new online exhibit said that like most museums, only a small portion of the collection is on display in the museum’s galleries, with thousands of objects and archival items kept in secure storage until they are needed for exhibition or research purposes. This new online program will allow museum patrons to potentially view 15,000 three-dimensional objects and 200,000 archival items. ”

This article I need: 11 Ways to Avoid Technical Glitches with Google Hangouts.

Pi R Nifty: Using Raspberry Pi as a Google Cloud Print Server.

BillionGraves and The Federation of Genealogical Societies are partnering to image all cemetery markers of War of 1812 participants. “BillionGraves and The Federation of Genealogical Societies are asking anyone with knowledge of a cemetery marker for a War of 1812 veteran to upload the image of the marker to the BillionGraves website ( using their free mobile application during the month of July to honor and remember the service of those who served in the ‘Second Revolution.'” Good afternoon, Internet…

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