DuckDuckGo, GitHub, FamilySearch, More: Saturday Buzz, July 5, 2014

Google is launching third-party Android Wear apps.

Larry Ferlazzo continues to build his list of the best Web sites for information on World War I.

Hey, okay! 5 Things DuckDuckGo does Better Than Google. I did not know DuckDuckGo had a password generator.

A new tool hopes to monitor the accessiblity of Web pages around the world. “The tool, dubbed Encore, developed by Georgia Tech researchers can be installed by adding a single line of code to a Web page. The tool runs when a user visits a website where the code is installed and then discreetly collects data from potentially censored sites. The researchers hope the data they collect will allow them to determine the wheres, whens and hows of what’s blocked, as well as identify ways to get around restricted access.”

OOOOOOOO: Offline browsing secrets in Chrome.

A company claiming to represent Qualcomm has gone takedown mad all over GitHub. “A company claiming to represent Qualcomm has shut down a number of repositories on source-code sharing site GitHub under provisions of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) – including at least one repository belonging to Qualcomm itself.”

From Green Bot: How to train Google Now to show you better cards. I suspect some of you will find these tips to involve way too much information sharing with Google.

How-To Geek has an article about installing modern Linux distros. If you want to try Linux, please read this article – installation is so much easier than it was even four or five years ago, and infinitely easier than it was several years ago! (I think my first try at Linux was around 1998, with Caldera!)

Facebook just admitted to a month-long “discrepancy” in reported reach and engagement metrics. “If the reach and engagement metrics you’ve seen on your Facebook page seem a little off, it’s because there’s been a bug affecting those figures. Facebook admitted to many page owners today that there is a discrepancy between the reported reach admins see on posts and the actual reach and engagement of a post.” Facebook, are you TRYING to make me hate you?

It’s summer, but FamilySearch will not slow down. It has added another heap of records. “Notable collection updates include the 466,156 indexed records from the Mexico, Distrito Federal, Catholic Church Records, 1514–1970, collection; the 522,882 indexed records and 522,882 images from the U.S., BillionGraves Index, collection; and the 530,556 indexed records from U.S., Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Passenger Lists Index, 1800–1906, collection.”

The Department of Defense has updated its Education Directory for Children with Special Needs. This directory is not just for military families and provides a lot of useful information.

And from our “Are you surprised?” department, Millions of people are watching the World Cup using illegal live streams. Good morning, Internet….

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  1. Tara –

    You work a lot faster than I do, so I’m always a month or more behind you. BTW, your last “you vs. your brain” on FB was hilarious, as always! I wondered if you could copy/paste the text of the DuckDuckGo article and send it to me – I’m getting ready to demo that search engine, and really want to read the article, but it’s Flash-based, and they haven’t updated our Flash, so I can’t see it. Thanks for bringing all these great sites to our attention, for so long.



    • Hey Caryn! Always great to hear from the OFFICIAL Librarian of Talk Like a Pirate Day (at least you’re official as far as I’m concerned!) Let me see what I can do about that article.

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