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Drones, Commons, IFTTT, More: Monday Buzz, July 7, 2014

How time flies. Google Reader shut down over a year ago, and The Digital Reader asks, “Is anything different?” Not to me. RSS seems as available as it has been for the last several years, and I finally abandoned NewsBlur and LifeRea and consolidated everything into Digg Reader.

Chrome and Firefox developers are adding virtual reality support. I’m old so the first thing I thought was: VRML!

The National Archives Wants to put its whole collection on Wikimedia Commons. Yeah!

Feeling cutting-edge? Here ya go: A beginner’s guide to using personal drones legally.

20 IFTTT recipes to supercharge your iPhone. Oooo… Siri to Evernote.

More IFTTT: Five IFTTT Recipes that Make Android Wear Irresistible.

Microsoft has six security bulletins planned for Patch Tuesday.

Silly: a collection of tweets that use every letter of the alphabet.

Pew looks at threats to the future of the Internet — and they’re really depressing. Good morning, Internet…

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