E-Books, Music Vault, Android, More: Morning Buzz, July 9, 2014

SEO, but an interesting slant: How to use Wikipedia for keyword research.

From PC World (WARNING! PC WORLD!) How to make great charts and graphics in Excel.

From Wired: How Google Map hackers can destroy businesses at will. Google has absolutely — and please excuse my language, it’s the only word that serves — shitty oversight of Google Maps listings. From the small business side, I have no love for Google Maps.

Free from Microsoft: a huge e-book collection! “Although the individual books in the collection have been available previously for those who knew where to look, Microsoft’s Eric Ligman has posted a collection to MSDN which makes locating and downloading your topics of choice significantly easier. Impressively, the collection includes more than 300 titles – and every single one is available cost-free.”

In case you’re still using it, Guy Kawasaki shares some tips for creating a terrific Google+ profile. He says I need a mantra. How about Nuts about searching?

Quick tips from Mashable: 5 Alternatives to Unfriending Someone on Facebook.

It’s boggling enough that YouTube brought in over $3 billion in advertising last year. But more boggling is the fact that this is apparently couch cushion money to Google. “If the figure is accurate, it would account for just seven percent of the $58 billion the search giant brought in 2013.”

Music Vault has put 12,000 concert clips on YouTube. It totals almost 2000 hours of content. You didn’t have anything else to do, right?

I’m actually happy with Google Voice, but I’m constantly worried it’s going to get suddenly killed off. So I’m hanging on to this article from Lifehacker about ditching Google Voice while keeping all its best features.

No, I didn’t. Maybe you don’t either. From Hongkiat: 8 Tumblr Limitations You Probably Don’t Know.

Fortune Magazine reviews Android Wear. I think they gave it a Meh+.

Ooo. How to use your Android tablet as a second laptop screen.

Oh good grief. I have to worry about a billion other daily Internet security concerns, and now I have to worry about a smart lightbulb giving up my WiFi password? I think I’ll be passing on the Internet of Things for now. Good morning, Internet…

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