Maps, Joyce, Likes, More: Afternoon Buzz, July 11, 2014

The British Library has released another big group of maps – and it needs your help! “Help us identify the locations of historic maps by participating in the largest release yet of BL Georeferencer. Over 3,100 maps, previously hidden within the pages of 17th, 18th, and 19th century books, are now available to georeference and overlay on modern mapping at”

James Joyce papers are now online.

The Google Maps measure distance drawing tool is back!

From Hubspot: 10 visual content tools for beginners.

Yahoo researchers have gotten a lot better at finding the scenic route. “These guys have worked out how to measure the ‘beauty’ of specific locations within cities and then designed an algorithm that automatically chooses a route between two locations in a way that maximizes the beauty along it. “The goal of this work is to automatically suggest routes that are not only short but also emotionally pleasant,” they say.”

The Next Web looks at LikeManager, which, as you might imagine, lets you organize and manage the content you have “Liked” on Facebook. Good afternoon, Internet…

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