Civil War, World Cup, Electricity, More: Morning Buzz, July 15, 2014

A collection of Civil War letters has been digitized by a group of students in New Hampshire.

Is there a new Google Alerts interface afoot?

YouTube is thinking about funding premium content sources… again….

In case the sudden dearth of soccer in the world is giving you the heebies: every World Cup 2014 Google Doodle. Google also looked at the World Cup through search.

Not surprisingly, the World Cup broke Twitter and Facebook records.

Why Google+ is still a ghost town. Chris Abraham gives G+ a thumping.

The guy behind Google Glass has gone to Amazon. Drones with hipster glasses….

There is now a database of electricity rates across the US. “Electricity rates from nearly 3,500 utilities across the country are now available in a free online database developed by Illinois State University in conjunction with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.”

From Social Media Examiner: How to use Facebook Pages to Watch to track competitors. Ooooo….

Sotheby’s is going to start streaming some of its auctions live on eBay. MMmkay.

Should tech giants be regulated like utilities?

Hey, the Raspberry Pi has a new version! “The new board costs the same $35 (£20) as the original but has two more USB ports, bringing the total to four, a microSD card slot for memory and a neater design, which should make fitting the board into custom projects easier and Raspberry Pi cases smaller.” The extra USB ports will come in handy.

From PC World (Warning! PC World!) – How to find anything in Evernote.

Theodore Roosevelt is getting a digital library. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Hi, Tara,

    Apologies for being late to the game, but I smile every time you say “warning! PC World!” But I’m afraid I’m not getting the joke. Could you explain to this newbie? Thanks!


    • Hi Dan!

      As you probably know ResearchBuzz is my love, not my job, and I usually end up doing my RSS site checking and news reading fairly late at night (it’s almost 2330 as I write this.) PC World has a lot of advertising, but the thing that really drives me nuts is it has autoplay video ads with audio. So I’m sitting here in a quiet room, fairly late, reading news stores, and I click on PC World, and SUDDENLY THERE IS NOISE. Sometimes it makes me jump! So that’s why I’m warning y’all – in case you’re reading as late as I am. :->

      • Hi, Tara, this is great. Thanks for responding! There are other news sites I visit that do the same thing, and if I have multiple tabs open it takes a while to track down the source. Information wants to be free, but there’s always a price. 🙂 – Dan

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