Screenshots, Savage, Mars, More: Afternoon Buzz, July 18, 2014

10 Google Autocomplete Search Fails… illustrated! (Warning: very silly.)

The Internet Archive has started adding screenshots for its video games collection. “To celebrate this, we’ve created a compilation of all the Sega Genesis screenshots generated by the project so far. … Be warned – it’s 4.3 gigabytes of 16,900 screenshots of 573 cartridges!”

Just because Google is forced to forget a Web site doesn’t mean everybody is. “Hidden From Google, the brainchild of a web programmer in New Jersey, archives each website that Google is required to take down from European Union search listings thanks to the recent court decision that allows people to request that certain pages be scrubbed from Google’s search results if they’re outdated or irrelevant. That decision has resulted in takedown requests from convicted sex offenders and huge banking companies, among thousands of others.”

Hey! Adam Savage is on Google Street View.

Ooo! Chrome Remote Desktop — now in Linux flavor!

Now available: a new global geologic map of Mars. “The new map brings together observations and scientific findings from four orbiting spacecraft that have been acquiring data for more than 16 years. The result is an updated understanding of the geologic history of the surface of Mars – the solar system’s most Earth-like planet and the only other one in our Sun’s “habitable zone.” The new geologic map of Mars is available for download online.”

Author of over 2.5 million Wikipedia articles, a man and his bot.

Fold3 is making its Revolutionary War collection free through the end of July. Good afternoon, Internet…

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