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Do you (still) hate the new GMail compose window? Do you wish you had the old compose environment? There’s an extension for that.

Mozilla has launched an improved JPEG encoder. “Mozilla promises that version 2.0 of its encoder reduces the file size of both baseline and progressive JPEGs by about 5 percent on average. Depending on the image, that number can be significantly higher (up to 15 percent) or slightly lower. Unlike the first version, which only focused on progressive JPEGS, this new version also improves images saved in the baseline format.”

There’s a new digital preservation tool available – CSV Validator. Article here.

How do you feel about the SCOTUS Aereo decision? The US Copyright Office wants to know.

Nifty: Snapchat has added filters that unlock art based on your location. “Snapchat users can now add specific art and labels to snaps take in certain cities and destinations. For example, if you’re taking a photo at Disneyland, you’ll be able to swipe right to see art related to the amusement park; if you’re passing through a particular area of New York City such as the Flatiron District, you can add an overlay label to your picture based on that neighborhood.”

Kingston University in the UK has launched a new digital archive. “The Collection currently features more than 500 historic images with many more to be uploaded in the future.The archivists have put out a call for more historic photos of the University and help with background information on items currently in the collection.”

The library of the HMS Beagle has been reconstructed and is now available online. “Led by John van Wyhe, a historian of science at the National University of Singapore, a research team compiled digital copies of what they believe to be the complete set of 404 books, including thousands of stunning illustrations, that accompanied Darwin aboard HMS Beagle.”

Read your Reddit, via Google Glass, with Monocle. I am more amused by this than I should be. Maybe I just dig monocles.

The Digital Library of Georgia has added WSB Radio logs to its archive. “The radio logs document programming in the early years of WSB Radio, Atlanta’s first radio broadcast station. The logs, which span 1922 to 1949, document WSB programming during the ‘Golden Age of Radio.'”

A GMail concept redesign. Always amazes me how deep designers can get.

Genealogists, FamilySearch has a couple of new mobile apps available.

Is Yahoo thinking about buying AOL? Oh no. No no no no no no no. Pardon me while I facepalm. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Given how badly the Google Maps redesign turned out, I shudder to think what they’ll do to GMail. My dad, an engineer, used to say “Mess with something long enough and you will mess it up…”

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