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Twitter is apparently cracking down on companies which provide information on its user base. If the facts are as they’re presented in this article it makes me really wonder about Twitter.

Yoiks, looks like CNET got hacked.

Google has finally dropped its real name requirement for Google+. “After three-plus years of restricting users to their real names on the network, Google+ announced today that it is abandoning the policy and allowing people to use any username they choose.” This may be too little too late…

Fun: check out these very brilliant Facebook profile/cover pages.

The NOAA has improved its wrecks and obstructions database. “Historically, Coast Survey has maintained two separate sources of information on wrecks. We recently combined the sources, bringing together information on nearly 20,000 wrecks and obstructions.”

Google is now letting you schedule events directly from its search page.

More Google: Google has added Bitcoin exchange rates to instant search results.

More More Google: it has disabled discussion search — for real this time.

Now available: a new open source font for the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages. “Adobe and Google today announced the launch of a new open-source font for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages that covers 65,535 glyphs, making it one — if not the — largest font to cover these languages. The font, which was optimized for both print and screen, is now available for free through Google Fonts and through Adobe’s Typekit, where it is included in the free tier.”

Remember that Twitter account that tweets when edits to Wikipedia are made from Congress-related IP addresses? Now there’s one for the House of Commons in Canada.

Useful information: Going beyond 1922: Finding periodicals with (and without) renewed copyrights.

30 social media monitoring tools for businesses. This goes deep… Icerocket‘s in here….

Yahoo’s most recent quarterly results were not all that.

Possibly useful: How to mute, unfollow, and ignore people on social media.

Do you want to make comments to the FCC on Net Neutrality? You have until the end of the day Friday.

As you may have read, Yelp is not happy with how Google displays search results for local businesses. There are leaked documents allegedly from Yelp in this article, but more interesting are some of the comments. Some of them are positively vicious towards Yelp. I had no idea. Good morning, Internet…

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