Dollywood, Facebook, Skype, More: Morning Buzz, July 24th, 2014

Google Street View has gone to Dollywood (PRESS RELEASE). In a less high-profile event, Google Street also mapped Connecticut College. Dig the high-five with the camel mascot.

Reddit Live is now official. “anyone can use Reddit Live and submit their ongoing threads to a dedicated subreddit.Unlike traditional Reddit posts, these threads will update in your browser automatically and in real-time. They also support embedded tweets, which can in turn facilitate images, YouTube videos and article links.”

Mashable has a roundup of weird wikis on the Web. Weird is as weird does. What’s so odd about a sandwich wiki?

Stupid search engine tricks: 21 things you didn’t know you could do with Google.

Facebook made $2.91 billion in revenue last quarter. Read this article. I’ll be in the corner boggling. “Facebook’s earnings beat projections for the 8th quarter straight with $2.91B in revenue and $0.42EPS in Q2 2014. The service is growing about twice as fast on mobile compared to its services as a whole. Facebook now has 1.07 billion mobile monthly users, and 654 million daily mobile users.”

Using Skype? Microsoft will be retiring old versions soon. Make sure you update before your next meeting.

Foursquare is literally rebranding itself. (Giant pink F logo.)

David Strom takes a look at three new team collaboration tools.

The Wall Street Journal has been hacked.

Web site OpenCurriculum has released a free online library. “In its effort to provide high-quality learning and an openness in K-12 education, OpenCurriculum released a 5,000-document library on its website for math teachers to use as lesson materials. Anyone can use the material on the website without logging in, but to get access to tools such as the lesson plan builder, you need to create an account. The tools aren’t tailored for a particular subject matter.”

Some of Google’s quick answers can get a little weird. Good morning, Internet…

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