Yahoo, FamilySearch, Bing, More: Afternoon Buzz, July 24th, 2014

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Finance Contributors. “We are opening up the Yahoo Finance platform to a select group of leaders of finance from money and wealth managers to strategists and analysts to successful traders, where they will publish content directly to Yahoo Finance pages from Tumblr.”

Apple has sort-of responded to iOS security questions.

The FamilySearch indexathon was a huge success. “We hoped to have an unprecedented 50,000 contributors in a 24 hour period. FamilySearch volunteers excelled, surpassing that goal by 16,511! That’s right—66,511 participants in one day! Incredible!”

Now available: a new LGBTQ digital library. “Thanks to a generous grant from The GRAMMY Foundation®, ONE Archives at the USC Libraries recently preserved and digitized nearly 200 hours of audio recordings from early LGBTQ activists, researchers, and other pioneers. The recordings are now available via the USC Digital Library.”

Did you ever want to download one of those cool pictures on the Bing homepage? Here you go.

I need to read this several times; I very rarely use images: How to use images on Twitter.

Speaking of visuals: how to make high-quality videos with an iPhone.

Okay, one more image-related article and I’m done for this Buzz. How to resize photos for online sharing. Good afternoon, Internet…

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