Google, Catan, Stock Photos, More: Afternoon Buzz, July 25th, 2014

Google Voice’s web site is getting integrated with Google Hangouts. “The new feature makes it easier to quickly call friends, family, and coworkers when you’re not close to a phone connected to your Google Voice account. Even better, the new Google Voice-Hangouts integration does not require a Google+ account or Hangouts in Gmail to work, Alex Wiesen, tech lead manager for Google Voice…”

Friday fun: Microsoft has released a Web-based came based on Settlers of Catan. The blog post I’m linked to says that it was released by Internet Explorer, but I tried it just fine in Chromium.

Did you know Wikipedia has pedigree charts?

Is Instagram working on a Snapchat competitor?

Noupe takes a look at two free stock photo sites. They’re small, but the photos are available even for commercial projects (they do require attribution.)

Didja get a drone and now want to take it for a walk/fly? Not so fast: check this map first. “This map represents areas where it is not recommended to fly drones due to regulations.”

Do you use Prezi? Hongkiat has an extensive article on becoming a Prezi master.

The New Yorker isn’t the only one: The Baffler has made its back issues free to read online.

Chromecast is a year old and Google is offering some goodies. Good afternoon, Internet…

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