Android, Recipes, Studs Terkel, More: Morning Buzz, July 30th, 2014

Guy reports Instagram security bug to Facebook, Facebook refuses him a bug bounty, guy publishes details of the exploit online. Remember Firesheep? This is similar…

Twitter has reported its latest results and stacked up the serious dollars. “Twitter’s Q2 revenues were $312 million, which was substantially above financial analysts’ consensus estimates. In addition, earnings beat estimates by a penny. Its user numbers also were greater than expected.” Looks like they eked out a profit, too, if you look at non-GAAP.

The Daily Dot has an extensive article on making the most of Snapchat.

Flickr is going to start offering new licensing opportunities for its users.

Now available: a database detailing pay of California public school employees.

Google is turning to crowdsourcing to improve Google Translate. “We’ve just launched a new Translate Community where language enthusiasts can help us improve translation quality for the 80 languages we support, as well as help us in launching new languages.”

From Hongkiat: Create And Customize Maps With Google Map Builder

Android’s got a security problem. “Dubbed ‘Fake ID’ by Bluebox, the flaw is related to how app security is handled. In Android, each app is given its own unique cryptographic signature that determines who can update it and what privileges it has. As The Guardian explains, there are parent certificates and child certificates, both of which are checked against on another during installation to ensure they match and the app is trusted.”

The USDA has launched a new tool to help make recipes safer. You paste a recipe (or import it from a Web site) and it analyzes the recipe and makes food safety recommendations.

A Studs Terkel Audio Archive is going online. “The creation of a publicly accessible digital archive with nearly 5,000 oral history interviews, conducted by the Chicago journalist Studs Terkel, is one of 177 projects awarded a grant this week by the National Endowment for the Humanities.”

So is it legal to resell Google Glass or not?

There are a bunch of online resources for World War I available. Here’s one for WWI engineers. “The compendium includes a collection of photos, accounts, designs, journal entries and lectures. A memorial volume also provides biographies and photos of all ICE members who died in active service or by enemy action.”

Interesting: How AR apps can create a digital dance archive. Good morning, Internet…

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