Snapchat, Twitter, Google Barge, More: Afternoon Buzz, August 9th, 2014

Now available: over 700 hours of World War I film footage.

From Edudemic: 5 Unusual Ways to Use Google Presentations. I like the flash cards idea.

Interested in getting a Digital Dissemination of Archival Collections program grant? There’s a webinar for that.

From Mashable: Snapchat for beginners.

Wow: should Yahoo fire 10,000 people? “Even though the publicly reported headcount for Yahoo at the end of last quarter was 12,200, it’s been an open secret since Silver Lake was doing due diligence on the company back in 2011 that Yahoo — dating back to Carol Bartz and probably earlier than that — also employed 4,000 – 6,000 offshore contractors in the Philippines and elsewhere. Because they are on contract, they aren’t required to be reported as a full-time employee in the headcount number. This large contractor workforce likely still is on the books, making the true number of employees closer to the 18,000 number Andreessen quoted above.”

Twitter is testing “translated” hashtags. “The trial, spotted by The Wall Street Journal, provides a concise translation of trending hashtags. For example, #ointb is rendered “Orange Is the New Black” for the uninitiated…”

Sometimes it’s fun to feel old: 5 retro operating systems you can run on the Raspberry Pi.

Remember that mysterious Google Barge? It’s been sold for scrap.

Now available: an unlock key for the CryptoLocker malware. “Simply send the site one of the CryptoLocker-encrypted files on your PC, along with an email address. It’ll scan the file to figure out the encryption specifics, then send you a recovery program and master key that can be used to rescue your ransomed data.”

Wikipedia has updated its iOS app. “Wikipedia has today made a significant update to its iOS application, which most noticeably features a cleaner, “distraction-free” design, as well as the ability to edit Wikipedia articles from your smartphone or tablet device. Under the hood, the app received a number of other improvements as well, including speed increases, offline access, a reading history, and more.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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