Marvel, Oz, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz, August 15th, 2014

Back with a little stolen time! More catching up this weekend.

Hootsuite looks at an interesting question: when should you respond on Twitter?

UCR did a post-event breakdown of World Cup tweets. “Not surprisingly, Argentina, Brazil and Germany had the highest number of tweets during the recent World Cup, but Bosnia, Cameron and Ivory Coast saw the greatest surge in terms of percentage increase in tweets compared to a year earlier.” has added a whole bunch of words, including ones I like (“cray”), and ones I don’t (“adorbs,” which sounds like something you wear to deal with occasional incontinence.)

Another thousand Old Masters are going online. “Glasgow University is teaming up with National Museums Liverpool, Manchester Art Gallery, Leeds Museums and Galleries and York Art Gallery to make 1,000 Old Masters available on the internet. Experts will explore the origins, history and attribution of each work before cataloguing them in the online database.”

Illustrated London News has launched a new archive featuring material from 1914-1918. “The first-phase website includes the digitised pages from the Illustrated London News 1914-1918; a wealth of editorial features providing rich context for the source material; a timeline; a range of topical insights from “Animals and War” and “Trench Life” to “Sport and the War”; and a blog written by young historians appointed for the project.”

Marvel now has a fashion Instagram account. Because… oh, I don’t know.

1960s Australian counterculture magazine OZ now has a digital archive.

Catching up… Twitter has busted out a new transparency report. “There were 2,058 requests from Jan. 1 to June 30, marking a 46% increase over the second half of last year. The requests affect 48% more Twitter users than in the previous report.”

From Entrepreneur: 12 Things You Should Do on Your Personal Google+ Account Right Now. (No, not deactivate it. Sheesh.) Good morning, Internet…

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