Bugs, Stars, Craigslist, More: Afternoon Buzz, August 19th, 2014

The UC Riverside Veterinary Entomology Extension Laboratory has released an online database of pesticides registered in California for use against arthropod pests of animals. “Website visitors can search by animal commodity for which pest control is needed (e.g. poultry), by type of pest (e.g. poultry mite or house fly), and by application method and formulation.”

Now available: a new online database of stellar abundances. “The enormous collection, which Hinkel named the Hypatia Catalog, contains data for more than 3,000 stars within 500 light years of the sun, and will help scholars as well as the public learn more about the properties and history of stars in the Milky Way.”

The Folger Library has made all the images in their digital collections available via CC-BY-SA. That’s almost 80,000 images. One caveat, though: “Keep in mind that some Folger images reproduce works that are themselves under copyright protection, so you’ll still need to secure permission from the copyright holder before using them beyond ‘fair use.’ ”

Tumblr is going to start analyzing public photos for brands. Blick.

A huge hack has stolen data on 4.5 million hospital patients. “The hackers got away with patient names, addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers of the 4.5 million people who were referred to or received services from doctors affiliated with the company in the last five years. The stolen data did not include patient credit card, medical or clinical information.”

PI Buzz has a few tips for searching Craigslist.

Twitter is apparently experimenting with showing favorited tweets of people you follow in your tweet stream. I wish they had a beta tester list so people could opt in to this kind of experimenting – if experimenting it truly is…

Social media giants are teaming up to provide social data to academics. Their name? DERP. Really. “Academic researchers will be granted unprecedented access to the data of major social networks including Imgur, Reddit, and Twitch as part of a joint initiative: The Digital Ecologies Research Partnership (Derp).”

Ever wonder how old you are in seconds? Google can help.

Want to turn a YouTube video into a GIF? There’s a very easy tool for that.

What it looks like when someone does a serious breakdown of the items in his Facebook feed.

I had no idea Siri could generate passwords. I normally don’t like to link to slideshows but set of things Siri can do is random and fun.

8 Wrong Predictions about Google. Of course Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer were going to make stupid predictions about Google. But James Altucher? I thought he was more brilliant than that. (But looking back he’s admitted he blew that one.) Good afternoon, Internet…

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