Infographics, Yahoo, Sushi, More: Afternoon Buzz, September 3rd, 2014

Yahoo has introduced Yahoo Style. Joe Zee: “I joined Yahoo a few months ago to launch a unique digital fashion magazine that would combine my expertise as a veteran print magazine editor with my love of innovation and the internet. Today, I am excited to introduce Yahoo Style: a sophisticated, fresh take on fashion for everyone, from enthusiasts to those who love it from the sidelines.”

Stephen Arnold has a writeup on, a new search engine for Instagram images. “A user can query by hashtags or user name. Instagram users assign hashtags and their handles.”

Google’s quick answers are getting into fail territory. Reminds me of when Ask was doing a similar “quick answers” thing, and similarly was not really vetting the results the search engine was scraping. And that’s how you end up with a British euphemism for tonker on your search results page. (Uh, a euphemism for tonker that is not, in fact, “tonker.”)

From How-To Geek: 10 Tips and Tricks for Google Docs.

Mozilla has released security updates for Firefox and Thunderbird.

From the CIT Blog at Duke: Google Glass for teaching and learning, Part I. “Since the Spring of 2014, CIT has been testing the Google Glass Explorer Edition for potential teaching and learning uses at Duke. We’ve discovered some interesting uses for this revolutionary technology which could impact the Duke academic community in positive, engaging ways.”

From Noupe: 10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics. Hmm…. beautiful… You know Cakewrecks? We need Infographicwrecks, because sometimes it just doesn’t end up like it looks on the screen. Good afternoon, Internet…

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