Commons, Ireland, Instagram, More: Afternoon Buzz, September 5th, 2014

Creative Commons has launched a new Tumblr for a CC “Thing of the Day”.

Facebook, letting users search for content by keyword? How very 1999 of it. Despite the headline on the article I linked to, this will not be threatening to Google at all, but it will be useful. If you want to try some keyword searching of social sites now, check out .

Are spambots invading Instagram? “The latest crop of spambots on Instagram are employing a trick even slimier than just buying fake followers: They’re stealing profiles. As The Verge reported today, some Instagram users are getting followed by their bot doppelgängers, profiles made up entirely from their ripped-off images.”

Are you into Raspberry Pi? It’s got a better browser.

Twitter is apparently offering a new font and more color options — while at the same time apparently planning to filter your actual content. stupid stupid stupid.

The State Library of NSW (New South Wales) is fast-tracking its digitzing strategy.

A new archive of the Northern Ireland “Troubles” is now available. “Accounts of the Conflict is a digital archiving project that will preserve and make available stories related to the conflict in, and about, Northern Ireland.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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