Minecraft, Google Maps, DuckDuckGo, More: Morning Buzz, September 23rd, 2014

Check out this cool-but-simple chart of educational Web tools! Lots of stuff to see here.

Adobe has acquired Aviary. I remember how cool Aviary used to be, back in the day….

Be careful: Marketing Land has the skinny on a very dodgy Google “support” service.

The British Museum in London — AND all its exhibits — will be recreated in Minecraft.

Washington University Libraries is building Ferguson archives. (Hat tip @LibraryStuff). “The library at Washington University in St. Louis is building a digital repository called ‘Documenting Ferguson.’ The collection will provide the community with a space to save the media they’ve captured since the death of Michael Brown. The online collection is open for anyone to contribute material.The archive will accept photos, audio, video, and written stories.”

Oooh, check out this Forbes article on Dadaviz. Looks like a fun curated collection of data visualizations. “Online since June 11th, it’s a collection of the best dataviz selected from different sources by an invite-only community.”

Wow, Windows XP really is the OS that won’t die.

Yossarian is a search engine that wants to make you more creative.

Google Maps Navigation has expanded to 19 new countries.

They’ve hit the big time: DuckDuckGo is being blocked in China.

You can now sign up for a Google account without having to get a Google+ account. “Prior to this, anyone signing up for a Google account was obligated to create a Google+ account as well. Now, users can simply click a ‘No, thanks’ button when prompted to join the three-year-old social network.”

PACER is going to restore deleted documents to its repository. Good.

The Pantagraph is getting a digital archive.

Nerd Titan has a roundup of golden age comic digital archives. Good morning, Internet…

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