Twitter, Player Pianos, Ello, More: Morning Buzz, October 16th, 2014

Hey! Happy 20th birthday, Netscape Navigator! MAN I am old.

Oops and yikes: a Dropbox bug has deleted a bunch of files from the cloud. And apparently some of those files aren’t recoverable.

Google Spreadsheets are getting Smart Autofill. Here’s hoping it’s not as much fun as AutoCorrect or who knows what’s going to end up in my spreadsheets.

Twitter users in France can transfer money through tweets.

Google is trialing doctor video consultations.

You can now use stickers in Facebook comments. Stickers are those big emojis that used to be restricted to just Facebook messages.

The British Library has put 46 more Greek manuscripts online.

LinkedIn is getting hit with a class-action lawsuit.

Ello is having some growing pains. (By the way, if you want an Ello invitation, send me a note through this site’s contract form or @researchbuzz me on Twitter.)

This sounds lovely: Stanford is starting the Player Piano Project. Restoration, digitizing!

Bing has launched an election information site.

Yahoo takes a look back at a year of bug hunting. “Our Bug Bounty program has matured and grown since last October. We are proud to now have more than 600 contributors, we’ve also paid over $700,000 in bounties to contributing researchers since our launch. Inspite of this growth we haven’t forgotten our roots. This is why we still send the occasional t-shirt to researchers who successfully identify a tech vulnerability of significant value.”

The Online Historical Newspapers Site has posted a bunch of updates. Hope your shoulder continues to do well, Miriam!

From Hongkiat: 7 New Google Chrome Features You Should Know.

Google has made some improvements to Google Classroom.

The National Library of Medicine has an Ebola information page. Good morning, Internet…

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