State Department, Birds, Brains, More: Morning Buzz, October 25th, 2014

TheNextWeb offers an in-depth guide to using Pocket. I love Pocket. ResearchBuzz would not be what it is without Pocket.

The US State Department has completed a big archiving project. “The State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, in partnership with the Library of Congress, recently completed an initiative to digitize and make available more than 50 years of reports detailing U.S. engagement with the United Nations. The reports are the United States Participation in the United Nations and Voting Practices in the United Nations, submitted annually to Congress.”

Firebase has been acquired by Google.

More Google: it is offering a new physical USB key to confirm logins. ” Security Key is a physical USB second factor that only works after verifying the login site is truly a Google website, not a fake site pretending to be Google. Rather than typing a code, just insert Security Key into your computer’s USB port and tap it when prompted in Chrome. When you sign into your Google Account using Chrome and Security Key, you can be sure that the cryptographic signature cannot be phished.”

More Google: it has released a lovely icon set. And it’s CC-BY-SA, to boot .

Facebook has launched a new app called Rooms. “A room is a feed of photos, videos, and text – not too different from the one you have on Instagram or Facebook – with a topic determined by whoever created the room. Early users have already created rooms for everything from beat boxing videos to parkour to photos of home- cooked meals. There’s even a room called ‘Kicks From Above’ that showcases photographs of cool shoes in cool places. ”

Ello has filed as a Public Benefit Coporation. Good luck with that. “The news is that the company then filed as a Public Benefit Corporation, which means that it will never legally be able to sell ad space or user data or be sold to a buyer who plans to do either of those thing. Yes, that means that Ello is now a non-profit organization.”

Bird watching site FeederWatch has a new tool to explore decades of birdwatching data.

The Vatican is putting 4,000 manuscripts online for free access. “The library also includes letters from important historical figures, drawings and notes by artists and scientists such as Michelangelo and Galileo, as well as treaties from all eras in history. The ancient documents are now being preserved under the DigitaVaticana programme using FITS, the format developed by Nasa to store images, astronomical, and astrophysical data, and until now, only 500 manuscripts and 600 incunabula were available to view on the Vatican Library website.”

A new online database catalogs the impact of DNA variations on the brain. “A new online database called Braineac details how variations in DNA sequence shape gene expression in the human brain. The open-access resource, described 31 August in Nature Neuroscience, may help autism researchers understand the effects of genetic variants — particularly those in noncoding regions of the genome — linked to the disorder.”

Expedia has launched an image library (PRESS RELEASE). “, one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites1, today announced the next evolution of its highly acclaimed Expedia Viewfinder Blog with the launch of the new Expedia Viewfinder Image Library – a free online resource containing more than 40,000 images for media outlets, journalists, bloggers and other content creators. Empowering the travel community with incredible access to free high-quality travel visuals and inspiration, users can browse the extensive selection of reproduction-quality images with embedded metadata to help tell their stories on a broad range of third-party sites and projects by visiting the Expedia Viewfinder Image Library.”

Google Knowledge Graph: now with video games. “Search queries on video games will result in a knowledge graph panel that includes details like the game’s release date, supported platforms, developers, review scores and more.” Good morning, Internet…

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