Facebook, Surveys, Spreadsheets, More: Monday Buzz, October 27th, 2014

Facebook is now allowing page admins to save and backdate posts.

Now available: new free software for designing surveys. The software itself, Surveyman, is available at .

Ebola scare tactics are spreading to your inbox. Be careful! “Both the U.S. government’s Computer Readiness Team and Trustwave, a private security consulting firm, have issued warnings about an increase in spam campaigns with the Ebola virus as the subject, and messages containing either malicious links or attachments. Analysts say the last two weeks in particular have a seen a significant rise in the spam theme, following the confirmation of several Americans being infected.”

From Hongkiat: 5 (More) YouTube Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know.

Anybody out there still into Second Life? A new tool converts OpenSim regions to mesh. “The Tokyo University of Information Sciences released a new tool this week for converting OpenSim regions to mesh. The new OAR Converter tool takes a region saved as an OAR backup file and converts it to a Collada file, which can then be used inside Unity 3D and other all-mesh environments.”

Want some ideas? 23 Ways to use Twitter Lists.

Google/Skybox has launched Skybox for Good. “Today, at our annual Geo for Good User Summit, we announced the Skybox for Good program, under which we will contribute fresh satellite imagery to projects that save lives, protect the environment, promote education, and positively impact humanity. We’ve captured some images of Nagarkovil village in Northern Sri Lanka. HALO Trust previously cleared landmines in this area and used updated imagery to help verify that people are returning, having built 84 houses and cultivating over 40 hectares of agricultural land.”

PC World (Warning! PC World!) has an interesting article on 5 interesting ways to use videoconferencing.

Are you a spreadsheet nut like I am? Check out this collection of useful spreadsheet templates. These are for Excel but at least some of them also work with Google Spreadsheets. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Did you intend for “this collection of useful spreadsheet templates” in the last paragraph to be a link? ’cause it isn’t.

  2. Hi! The last link (Excel templates) appears to be missing, and it doesn’t work on the ResearchBuzz website either…
    Maria V

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