Gaelic, Reddit, Boston, More: Afternoon Buzz, October 30th, 2014

Hey! Did you know that Bing isn’t the only search engine that lets you search by emoji?

Reddit has launched a crowdfunding platform for its users.

Useful from How-To Geek: How to use Handbrake to convert any video file to any format. That’s what the title says anyway; I’m not sure I’d say any format; it does look useful, though.

Duke is preparing to launch a digital archive of cigarette cards.

Banco de Mexico has released all of its numismatic items into an online database. (Click on the logo in the article for a link to the database. It is of course in Spanish.)

Wondering what the oldest Web sites are? Stanford can tell you. “Some of the earliest pages from the World Wide Web have been restored and are once again browsable, providing a glimpse of how the web once operated. Stanford Libraries has made these pages available with Stanford Wayback, a customized version of an open source platform that enables long-term access to archived web assets.”

A huge archive of 10 million Gaelic words has been launched. “Corpas na Gàidhlig is a searchable online database bringing together full texts dating from the Twelfth Century to the present day. Together they make up a corpus of almost 10 million Gaelic words, which is expected to grow to up to 30 million words over the course of the project.”

Now available: an online archive of Boston Park documents.

You can now find scientific literature by research location thanks to JournalMap. “Articles in the JournalMap citation index are “geotagged” based on locations reported in the study and then plotted on a world map. This means that scientists can use JournalMap to search for environmental literature thematically and geographically by selecting a location on a map.”

Feedly has killed its URL shortener. Good afternoon, Internet…

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