ShadowCrypt, Google, Pinterest, More: Afternoon Buzz, November 6th, 2014

MIT Technology Review has an article on ShadowCrypt, which allows encrypted messages on social media and other sites.

From Social Media Examiner: How to use Pinterest for Videos, SlideShares, and Podcasts.

Did you read this article about Twitter in the Los Angeles Times? “Revenue isn’t Twitter’s main mission, according to the company’s head of global revenue, Adam Bain. ‘We hope to touch every person on the planet,’ he said, and revenue ‘is a byproduct of that.'”
This article really floored me for two reasons: 1) If your main mission is not revenue you should probably not go public; and 2) If your mission is really to touch every person on the planet wouldn’t you be more open to third-party developers?

Google and LG will be sharing patents for the next decade. “LG has just announced that it is entering a global patent license agreement with Google, allowing the two tech heavyweights to share existing patents, as well as those filed over the next 10 years.”

Axel Springer will be allowing Google to index its news stories. “Media giant Axel Springer admitted on Wednesday that removing its news content from the search engine caused traffic to plummet, and so it is allowing Google News to display short excerpts of its news stories again.”

Web site Viddy will shut down on December 15th.

Google has launched a Chrome extension to open Drive files in the relevant apps. Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. “If your mission is really to touch every person on the planet…” you’re probably going to get arrested,

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