Messaging, Google, Privacy, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, November 7th, 2014

How secure are messaging systems, anyway? “The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Secure Messaging Scorecard judged the security of over 30 e-mail, social media, voice and video calling apps across seven categories, including whether the provider can read your messages and whether your previous communications are secure if your passkeys are stolen.”

Have you changed the default user name and password for your router? Maybe you should.

Speaking of security, Google has some scary stats about account hijacking. “Most of us think we’re too smart to fall for phishing, but our research found some fake websites worked a whopping 45% of the time. On average, people visiting the fake pages submitted their info 14% of the time, and even the most obviously fake sites still managed to deceive 3% of people. Considering that an attacker can send out millions of messages, these success rates are nothing to sneeze at.”

Lifehacker has a cool article on beta features of Wikipedia.

From Entrepreneur: 4 Tips for Making Memorable Vine Videos.

Fortune asks: How can Yahoo compete for startups? Question I’d like to ask: How can Yahoo make the best of the considerable talent and properties it has now?

Carnegie Mellon is grading smartphone apps for privacy (PRESS RELEASE). “Smartphones wouldn’t be so smart without their apps, yet many free apps pinpoint a user’s location to deliver targeted ads or share contact lists with third parties without alerting the user. Which apps behave themselves and which don’t? A new Carnegie Mellon University project,, can help sort them out.”

The Economist is going to start a daily digital briefing. “The new weekday digital edition, called The Economist Espresso, is being positioned as an ‘espresso shot of global analysis’ that can be consumed quickly as part of a morning routine. It is being made available as an Apple or Android app or email briefing.”

It’s a great weekend for genealogy: Findmypast is Making records free this weekend for Veterans Day. Good afternoon, Internet…

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