Twitter, IFTTT, GEDCOM, More: Sunday Buzz, November 9th, 2014

Twitter may be getting topic-based timelines.

Facebook has released new tools for fine-tuning your feed. I’m annoyed I have to do this.

More Facebook: did you miss Mark Zuckerberg’s Q&A last week? Here’s a roundup.

You remember that Google Barge that was there, then vanished? It was scrapped because of fire safety concerns.

Interesting tip on Lifehacker: how to resume a failed Chrome download with Firefox.

Apparently Verizon is asking customers for their account PINs in Twitter DMs. Which is a terrible idea and a bad precedent. But hey, this is Verizon, home of the injected perma-cookie, so I had already stopped thinking they cared about customer privacy and security.

DPFOC has an infographic guide to Google Helpouts.

I have stopped mentioning every time IFTTT adds a channel because it is adding so many all the time, but Digital Trends has a good article on how IFTTT is becoming a great tool for smart homes.

Remember that huge Home Depot hack? Apparently 53 million e-mail addresses were stolen. Watch out for phishing attempts.

More developments in Google’s Project Ara: a module that will track your blood oxygen level.

I know a lot of folks from non-profits read ResearchBuzz, and it’s an interesting article: 10 Pinterest Boards Your NPO Should Have. (DISCLAIMER: I still don’t get Pinterest.)

Genealogists, you should find this useful: a freeware tool that finds GEDCOM files on your computer. “It’s a nice little program that does just one thing: It finds and classifies all the GEDCOM files (or GEDCOM variants) on your computer. It is simple and only has one screen, allowing you to set the starting directory, filter the filename and include files that contain some desired text.”

Google has made a doodle commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall. Good morning, Internet…

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