Adobe, Facebook, Google, More: Morning Buzz, November 13th, 2014

Google has launched Fiber for Small Business.

Adobe has done a big patch update for Flash player, so be sure to update.

Yahoo has purchased ad company BrightRoll. And apparently has no plans to shut it down!

Google Trends now shows what’s trending on YouTube.

From Search Engine Journal: Google News drives more traffic than Facebook. “Digiday reports that Google still sends 35% of a publisher’s total referral traffic, while Google News makes up 10% to 25% of a publisher’s total traffic.” This doesn’t surprise me at all, as Facebook seems more focused on keeping people on-site while Google News is more of a waystation.

YouTube has finally launched its music service. At the moment it’s invite-only.

Using the Twitter firehose to find out how late people sleep on Sundays.

The Twitter timeline is going to get some changes. Because apparently just giving us lists of recent tweets is too easy.

Facebook has launched a new Places directory but apparently it’s not ready for prime time. “The new directory invites a Place lookup by city name or other place name. The search box doesn’t respond to all queries and even common local queries. For example, ‘best sushi London’ doesn’t deliver any results. In my tests I also couldn’t look up individual businesses that I knew had Facebook Pages.”

Google has already created a doodle for the comet landing. Good morning, Internet…

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