Clearing My Text Editor: Evening Buzz, November 19th, 2014

NaNoWriMo has completely gone off the rails. Amazing that writing down some words could be so full of drama! I’ll keep plugging away but I’m not going to win.

Facebook has launched “Privacy Basics”. “Privacy Basics includes a FAQ about Facebook’s different privacy features, including blocking and unfriending, as well as post visibility. It uses simple language, as well as bold primary colors and pretty graphic design to take people through their own privacy settings, showing them privacy settings grouped by what they make visible to others, what others can do to interact with them on the site, and what kind of information they’ll see in their feed from both friends and pages, and advertisers.”

Brian Clay takes a quick look at Google Inbox. Nothing I’ve read makes me want to rush to download this.

Skype is coming to your browser.

Google: now with Hodor Easter eggs.

From Matt Cutts: How to install a Chrome extension from GitHub. (Obviously you would need to REALLY REALLY REALLY trust anything you want to install this way.)

Is Facebook going to make a work product?

Tech companies are lobbying to curb NSA surveillance. Good luck with that.

Did you know Google has a time zone converter? Good evening, Internet…

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