Short Morning Buzz, November 22th, 2014


From Buffer: Counterunitive tips for using Twitter well. I don’t like a lot of the Twitter articles I see because they feel like primers on how to hustle people on Twitter. This one is better.

Cycle World now has an online digital archive (it’s a paid service.)

Yemen is adding Ottoman scripts to a digital library. “The Yemeni Manuscripts Department are restorating 20,000 Ottoman scripts to a digital library, with many of them written in Ottoman, Turkish Arabic and Persian script. The works that are held at the Yemeni Manuscripts Department in Old Sana’a, are being rebound and restored.”

Now available: an online database of German companies and branches in the United States (PRESS RELEASE). This is a pay-to-access database.

WordPress 4.0.1 is now available. It’s a security release so upgrade upgrade upgrade!

The Oxford Dictionary word of the year is… vape. “Usage of vape peaked in April 2014 – as the graph below indicates – around the time that the UK’s first ‘vape café’ (The Vape Lab in Shoreditch, London) opened its doors, and protests were held in response to New York City banning indoor vaping. In the same month, the issue of vaping was debated by The Washington Post, the BBC, and the British newspaper The Telegraph, amongst others.” At least it wasn’t normcore. Good morning, Internet…

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