Twitter, Javanese, WWII, More: Morning Buzz, December 3, 2014

Twitter now has adjustable photo filters. “Each filter can be double-tapped to reveal an intensity slider so you can lay that sepia effect on heavy or light to get the perfect hipster sheen.” I’m pretty sure “hipster sheen” is Charlie Sheen’s younger brother.

More Twitter: it has released a new suite of anti-harassment tools. “Twitter had made it fairly simple to report spam, but the new tools allow users to report a variety of troubles, including impersonations, harassment, and even self-harm or suicide. In addition, users can report the harassment on behalf of other users, even if they’re not the target themselves, which is a big change.”

A professor at Earlham College is developing a database of translated Javanese gamelan music. “[Marc] Benamou is developing the world’s first searchable database and website containing Javanese gamelan song texts that will be translated into Indonesian and English.”

Now available: a database of FDA warning letters to dietary supplement firms. “Warning letters in the database include those related to good manufacturing practices (GMP) violations; impermissible product claims, such as disease claims; and products containing illegal ingredients. Using the CRN database, companies can search warning letters by date, product name, ingredient, type of violation, and other criteria. So far, the database includes nearly 300 warning letters sent by FDA between January 2008 and August 2014.”

From BizSugar: 15 Tools to Edit Videos for Business.

The First Division Museum at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois has completed the first phase of a large digitization project (PRESS RELEASE). “The project involved digitizing part of the research center’s extensive microfilm reel collection of the 1st Infantry Division’s WWII battle documents. Researchers, students and the general public now have remote access to WWII-era records of the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division concerning D-Day and other historic battles.” Access is free.

Google has launched a new service that allows you to contribute to keep Google Ads off your favorite Web sites. This feels icky for some reason.

From the always-lovely Larry Ferlazzo: A short list of the best resources for learning how to use Google Docs / Google Drive.

From the also-always-lovely Amit Agarwal, Scraping Web pages with YQL and Apps Script.

Do you remember that old stat that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute? Well, now apparently it’s 300 hours. Yow!

And: Happy Birthday Search Engine Roundtable! And good morning, Internet!

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