Office Documents, Vine, Google, More: Short Morning Buzz, December 4, 2014

Medium has launched a free charting tool.

Yahoo CIO Mike Kail is being sued by Netflix, his former employer. “In a lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County, Netflix accused Mr. Kail of fraud, breach of fiduciary duties and other improper actions. Netflix alleged that Mr. Kail accepted commissions of 12% to 15% on a total of $3.7 million paid to two IT service companies from 2012 until his August departure from the company, where he had served as vice president of IT. In the complaint, Netflix said that Mr. Kail ‘may have received other benefits from companies that contracted with Netflix including but not limited to, stock, gift certificates, and cash.'”

Possibly useful: you can now edit Microsoft Office documents from within Dropbox.

Oh and hey: you can now Edit Office files from GMail. “Google also added support for 15 new Microsoft Office file types, including .pps and .ppsx presentation files, along with templates and macro-enabled files. The company says it has also improved its ability to convert charts, tables and graphics within documents”

Vine has added a Favorites option. Batdad!

Google is launching a new kind of CAPTCHA. “This new API also lets us experiment with new types of challenges that are easier for us humans to use, particularly on mobile devices. In the example below, you can see a CAPTCHA based on a classic Computer Vision problem of image labeling. In this version of the CAPTCHA challenge, you’re asked to select all of the images that correspond with the clue. It’s much easier to tap photos of cats or turkeys than to tediously type a line of distorted text on your phone.”

From the Library of Congress: a research guide to tracing federal regulations.

Microsoft has opened up its audience polling tool, Bing Pulse, to everybody. “Bing Pulse is still in beta testing and will be available for free until January 31, 2015. Gottheimer said the plan is to move to a freemium model, where a basic version is available for free, but customers have to pay for additional usage or features.” Good morning, Internet…

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