Google, Lutes, Hip-Hop, More: Saturday Buzz, December 13th, 2014

You can now add mini-charts into Google Sheet cells. These are adorable.

More Google: GMail is now available in Irish.

More More Google: Google Translate has ten new languages.

WordPress 4.1 now has a release candidate.

Ars Technica has a review of Mint 17.1 and quite likes it. At work I switch between using a Mint machine and a regular Ubuntu machine and the Mint machine gives me fewer headaches.

Instagram has topped 300 million active users and may be bigger than Twitter.

Now in the Cambridge Digital Library: lute manuscripts. “A ‘remarkable’ collection of lute manuscripts dating back to the 16th Century has been put online by the University of Cambridge. The 650 pieces include handwritten scores by John Dowland, Francis Cutting and other early modern composers.”

Do you want to know who said something first on Twitter, created a hashtag or coined a term? There’s a Web app for that.

Cornell University will be digitizing the collections of Bill Adler, the founding publicity director of Def Jam Records. “Adler sent Cornell University 500 vinyl recordings, an impressive collection of books in several languages and roughly 100,000 newspaper and magazine articles about rap and hip-hop.”

Facebook and Twitter have both launched their Year in Review.

Facebook now offers a way to specify end dates to page posts. This would have come in real handy last winter in my Real Job, when I had to post many “We are closed today because of the weather” posts and then had to make sure to remove them in a timely manner to avoid confusion.

Bing has launched Insights for Office. “It can use the words from your entire document (or also those you select) to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. With the help of this context, we are able to rank the most relevant result at the top. Now Abraham Lincoln the president, is shown and not Lincoln the car company – all displayed conveniently next to your Word document. The results are also prioritized by relevance, including Snapshot, Wikipedia, Bing Image Search, and related web content to help find what you need.” So it’s using your entire document for search context, which assuming privacy issues have been ironed out, is quite clever. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. A good collection of old and evergreen picks.
    On a side note, I doubt if Instagram has grown bigger than Twitter. What Instagram lacks is user engagement, Twitter is always abuzz with activities from its live users. Just for comparison sake but I agree both are awesome services.

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