Instagram, Movies, Krispy Kreme, More: Morning Buzz, December 18th, 2014

That’s different: a Twitter-based clock. “A new browser-based clock shows you the time by displaying tweets that mention the current hour and minute.”

Google has brought back the Google News archive. That’s excellent news.

More Google: it is thinking about warning people every time they visit a site that does not use https. Seems like it’s going to really scare people who are just visiting little mom-and-pop sites for stores and stuff that don’t sell online but want a Web presence.

More More you get it: Krispy Kreme is celebrating with in-store holiday hangouts (PRESS RELEASE). “The Joy Goes Around Holiday Hangouts is an interactive experience that utilizes Google Chromebook to connect up to fifteen in-store guests at Krispy Kreme shops in sixteen different countries via a two-minute live video chat on a customized Hangouts page. Playful on-screen prompts such as ‘wave your hand, show off your doughnut, or toast your coffee’ make the Holiday Hangouts experience even more enjoyable.”

You can now add Google Drive files as GMail attachments.

Google Maps: now with Google Cardboard integration.

Someone at TIME tested Twitter’s new harassment reporting tools and then reported on the results.

Ever want to drop a bunch of your recent Instagram photos into a digital blender? Hey, I don’t judge: here ya go. “[Metagramme] takes 36 or 64 of your most recent Instagram photos and combines them into a single image. The result is a colorful, crazy digital amalgam that is part photography and part abstract art. Metagramme can pull from hashtags too, just in case you ever wondered what a blend of 50 photos of a #shark looks like.”

The new National Film Registry List is out!. It’s a wonderful mix of movies and includes Ruggles of Red Gap! Yay! Very funny movie.

The Washington Post looks at the top 20 Web sites through the years. The big lesson I get from this, since I’ve been writing about search engines since 1996, is that nothing is invulnerable and that things change. Google can lose its prominence. Facebook can become an also-ran. I’m not saying I want this to happen, I’m just saying that things are always changing.

A huge number of WordPress sites have become malware-infected because of a vulnerable plugin.

The Nasher Sculpture Center is creating a French sculpture census. “Nasher officials say that for the census [Laure] de Margerie has produced ‘a digital archive of 7,000 French sculptures dating between 1500 and 1960 that are found in American museums, public buildings, historic homes and estates, or displayed in public space. Offered in both English and French, the census presents in rich detail the breadth, quality and diversity of nearly 500 years of French sculpture collected in the United States.'”

Well that’s interesting. Chinese search engine Baidu is investing in Uber. Good morning, Internet…

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