Swedish, Google, Instagram, More: Christmas Eve Buzz, December 24th, 2014

YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME: 5 sites for sending last-minute Christmas cards.

Underway: a digital archive of Swedish-language newspapers from the US. “Some 1.3 million Swedes left Europe for the promise of North America and many of them settled in the mid-west. The immigrants established communities, churches and societies and more than 600 Swedish-language newspapers were published in the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries.”

Alrighty then: IFTTT has a channel just for letting you know whether it’s Christmas or not.

Google is showing off its self-driving car prototype. Cute.

More Google: it has released a new transparency report. “From June to December 2013, we received 3,105 government requests to remove 14,637 pieces of content. You may notice that this total decreased slightly from the first half of 2013; this is due to a spike in requests from Turkey during that period, which has since returned to lower levels. Meanwhile, the number of requests from Russia increased by 25 percent compared to the last reporting period. Requests from Thailand and Italy are on the rise as well. In the second half of 2013, the top three products for which governments requested removals were Blogger (1,066 requests), Search (841 requests) and YouTube (765 requests). In the second half of 2013, 38 percent of government removal requests cited defamation as a reason for removal, 16 percent cited obscenity or nudity, and 11 percent cited privacy or security.”

Is Sony going to sue Twitter over leaked e-mails appearing in tweets?

Apple has launched an iTunes Tumblr page. Still can’t stand iTunes.

MyHeritage is going to digitize and put online a huge number of historical records from Denmark (PRESS RELEASE).

The ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) has launched a new archive of data on disability. “The Archive of Data on Disability to Enable Policy and research (ADDEP, pronounced like adept without the ‘t’) will include longitudinal datasets that make it easier to follow the onset of disability and changes in functional status that occur over time. ADDEP will increase discovery about and understanding of people living with disability in the US, aiding researchers, policy makers, and others. ”

This’ll be a nice break: Top Instagram accounts for nature lovers to follow.

Chromebooks are getting “Ok Google” voice search. “Anyone tinkering with an experimental, pre-beta build of the software will be able to ask their Chromebooks a wide array of questions simply by uttering the words “Ok Google”, followed by the actual queries.”

The city of Boston has expanded its online permit filing process. “The tool will allow residents, contractors, and the general public to check the status of submitted applications, and will provide information on future steps, list the staff responsible for each portion of the process, and provide timelines for each step.” But THIS is the really cool part: “The city has issued 12,500 more permits this year than last, an increase of 21 percent. Additionally, on-time permit issuance is up, and appeal dates are scheduled, on average, within two months — down from five.”

If you want to feel nostalgic (not to mention old) check out this slideshow on 10 Search Engines that Couldn’t. It only hits the highlights, though: who doesn’t remember Northern Light? Electric Monk? The WWWW (World Wide Web Worm)?

Hey, you might find this useful: How to take screen shots on almost any device. Good afternoon, Internet…

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