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  1. Some write their wrongs in marble:
    he more just,
    Stoop’d down serene and wrote them
    in the “dust”,
    Trod under foot, the sport of every wind,
    Swept from the earth and blotted
    from his mind.
    There, secret in the grave, he bade
    them lie,
    And grieved they could not
    ‘Scape the Almighty Eye.

    -Samuel Madden

  2. Looks good in bare-bones state, but ‘proof-of-pudding’ will be a couple of complete issues in the new format.

    Observation 1: the old version always arrived with the text presented in UTF-8 or UTF-6 font – teeny-tiny even on my 22 inch monitor – totally unreadable on my 10 inch netbook screen. Always had to jack up the font size to be able to read the content. A ‘fix’ on that aspect of the delivery would be welcomed.

    Observation 2: the compact presentation of the individual items was/is a good way to go – making for a quick read with a minimum of scrolling and/or button pushing. Having to click through from one item to the next would, i think, be a step backward

    • Hi Mike, let me know what you think of the new presentation.

      I’m not planning to change the format – a bunch of bits in one e-mail. I really hate those sites that make you scroll through a million slides, or post as full-page “stories” items that could really be covered in a couple of paragraphs.

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