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  1. I like the with the magnifying glass. The “furry” one doesn’t make sense. What about making the B a word cloud (Genealogy, WordPress, Google, etc.) in the shape of the letter, and then having the magnifying glass zoom in on part of the word cloud/”B”?

  2. Ditto on the magnifying glass logo, but I really like the paint splatter just as well. It was actually my fave, but if someone else (above) thought it was “furry,” maybe it won’t transpose well onto other media.

  3. The last one, with the paint-stroke green background is most pleasing to me. The one with the magnifying glass is probably best for business reasons, picks up the “research” concept.

  4. I really like the idea of the magnifying glass in the third one. I also like the gouache effect in the 4th and 5th. FWIW on the 4th, I first picked up a cigarette image rather than a scroll tied up; and for some perverse reason the cigarette image appealed…

    Oh Well.

    Good luck picking a new logo. Try a melange of the last one, plus a magnifier around it? Having a hand-crafted logo emphasizes that what you do is a human brain effort rather than just mechanistic.

    another FWIW, I’m a physicist, not known for my visual skills.

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  5. Of the options, the looking glass one is the best. It’s clean, clear. But. The looking glass as an image for search and research is itself a bit old fashioned. Outdated, really. Keep generating possibilities . . .

  6. Definitely the magnifying glass, but why not include the name Research Buzz around the top of the circle? RB alone is not immediately recognizable.

  7. I like the magnifying glass best. Is the first one supposed to look like a bee (buzz)? If yes, that’s pretty clever, but it probably needs to be less subtle to work.

  8. Being a lifelong Denver Bronco fan, I can’t stomach the new color schemes, so I’ll stick with the old logo!

  9. The old logo has a nice eye appeal I think. The new logo’s all seem flat and colorless to me. My reaction is really more to display than to design.

  10. Is the first one supposed to indicate an RSS feed? If so, I think that’s the most clever, but perhaps too much so. The magnifying lens may be the most practical for a business, but I love the last, watercolory, one.

  11. Do you really need a corporate logo? I agree with getting rid of the old one, but if you’re going to change the reversed R seems dated and trivial (Toys’R’Us?). Something you’re definitely not!

  12. The magnifying glass is the most emblematic of RB. Second, I suppose, is the logo with the diploma. I don’t think too many students necessarily use RB but I’m certain many instructors (myself included) pass along information to students originally read at RB.

  13. I like the magnifying glass. The reverse R is confusing. What is a mirror image doing under a magnifying glass ? And pale grey is hard to read for older folks.

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