Supreme Court, Brazil, Tumblr, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, January 1st, 2015

Hope you have an awesome 2015.

The US Supreme Court is planning to put its filings online. “The court made modest improvements to its website in October, but it still directs users to a site maintained by the American Bar Association for copies of briefs in the roughly 70 cases it agrees to hear each year. It can be hard to find electronic copies of other materials, including, notably, the more than 7,000 petitions seeking review filed each year.”

Interesting reading from Techdirt: How Twitter, Google, and Facebook have responded to Russia’s attempt to censor political opposition. “The short summary, as noted by Mathew Ingram is that Facebook initially complied but has since stopped, Google hasn’t complied and Twitter not only refused to comply but also alerted the users in question that the Russian government was trying to censor them…”

The Brazilian Senate has joined the Flickr Commons.

OOoo! Chromebooks can now run Linux (looks like Ubuntu) in a Window thanks to a new extension. You have to be in developer mode, though. I use a Chromebook at work; if I ever get one I can play with in developer mode, I want to try installing Xubuntu.

Can Facebook and Twitter help set interest rates? “…we have gotten whiff that the Bank of England has set up a special taskforce which will start to go through what is being shared on the Internet, as well as on social media platforms in the guise of Facebook and Twitter as it picks up clues concerning the state of Britain’s economy at any point in time.”

The Indiana Genealogical Society has added a free database of Indiana civil war veterans. It’s a 3.2 MB PDF.

From American Journalism Review: The Growing Power of Tumblr – For News. “The Washington Post is one of many news organizations using Tumblr, a fast-growing blogging platform where users post photos, animated GIFs, videos and quotes, and “reblog” content from other users. Social media editors said Tumblr has helped their news organizations engage with readers, connect with a younger audience and document experiments in journalism. Not all social media editors are enthusiastic about Tumblr, though. Some questioned the value of pouring staff resources into populating a platform that can’t compete with the referral power of larger social networks like Facebook and Twitter.”

What did each state Google the most in 2014?

Air Canada is apparently blocking access to any Google-hosted RSS feed (of which there are many because of Feedburner.

Google’s step-by-step instructions are getting better.

More Google, from TorrentFreak: Top 10 domains hit by Google piracy takedowns in 2014.

Possibly useful from How-To Geek: How to find your lost Windows or Office product keys. Good morning, Internet…

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