Hart Island, Yahoo, FCC, More: Saturday Buzz, January 3rd, 2015

Hart Island, the potter’s field of New York City, now has an online map and database. People have been buried there for over a hundred years but this Web site focuses on the over 60,000 people who have been buried there since 1980.

It looks like Twitter is rolling out its “While you were away” feature. Not everybody has it, though.

The New York Times has an article on a search engine startup called Qwant. “Qwant’s other twist to the traditional search engine model is to include social media posts from services like Twitter directly in search results. When people use the company’s search engine, for example, four columns appear on the webpage that offer different takes on Internet queries. That ranges from traditional search results to something called Qnowledge Graph, which offers general information based on the search, drawn from sites including Wikipedia.”

OpenStreetMap is now moving outside the streets with an ambitious Amazonia-mapping project. “…once completed Mapazonia will be an important tool for environmental organizations — for example, those seeking to monitor and reduce Amazonian deforestation — and for humanitarian bodies to use in the event of disasters there. It’s a great example of OpenStreetMap stepping in to fill gaps left by commercial offerings that have no interest in mapping vast areas with few people and little business activity.”

The FCC will vote on Net Neutrality in February. “President Obama’s top telecom regulator, Tom Wheeler, told fellow FCC commissioners before the Christmas holiday that he intends to circulate a draft proposal internally next month with an eye toward approving the measure weeks later, said one official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the agency’s deliberations are ongoing. The rules are meant to keep broadband providers such as Verizon and Comcast from speeding up or slowing down some Web sites compared to others.”

Yahoo and Bing both had a bit of downtime today, but they’re back now.

Google has released information on a Windows 8.1 bug that Microsoft has not yet fixed. Google apparently gave MS 90 days to fix it, and when it wasn’t fixed…

Just in case you need yet another warning/reason/cautionary tale to encourage you to not use horrible passwords, here ya go.

Are you the local myth-debunker for your family, or your office, or your group of Facebook friends? This breakdown of 86 viral images from 2014 and their backstories may be useful.

Lifehacker looks at Kanbanote, which turns Evernote notes into Trello-like boards. (Trello is a to-do manager that many people quite like.)

Snapchat’s privacy practices will be monitored for the next 20 years. “The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved its final order with Snapchat, compelling the California startup to submit to an independent privacy monitor for 20 years and to not ‘misrepresent in any manner…the extent to which respondent or its products or services maintain and protect the privacy, security, or confidentiality of any covered information.'”

TheNextWeb looks at 10 useful Chrome extensions to try in 2015. Includes a Web site change monitor.

Robots can now learn to cook by watching YouTube videos. “The demonstration is the latest impressive use of a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning. A hot area for acquisitions as of late, deep learning entails training systems called artificial neural networks on lots of information derived from audio, images, and other inputs, and then presenting the systems with new information and receiving inferences about it in response.”

Yahoo is apparently thinking about buying a major cable network like CNN. This is a stupid idea. Yahoo has already torched a great deal of its news credibility with those giant, poorly-delineated sponsored ads on its news feed and now it wants to buy a news network? GAH! Good morning, Internet…

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