Short Morning Buzz, January 9th, 2015

UC San Diego is starting a Hellenic Studies Center, which will include a digital archive. “The center will feature an expansive digital archive detailing Greek history, people and settlement dispersion. Once completed, scholars will have access to high-definition renderings of Greek inscriptions, historical manuscripts, oral histories, archaeological surveys and more. The collection will be digitized and made public, allowing all who are interested in learning about the Hellenic world the opportunity to explore by date and region.”

Google is offering security tips for staying safe online. Most of these are common sense.

Cardiff Carnival is getting a digital archive.

The Whitney Museum has greatly expanded its online collections database. Here’s the Whitney announcement on Tumblr: “For the first time, our incomparable collection of twentieth-century and contemporary American art is available online. Explore over 21,000 works by more than 3,000 artists.”

A bicyclist has launched a database to track “close call” encounters between bicyclists and car drivers. “When a rider experiences a close call or hears curses shouted at them from a car window, he or she can report and geotag the incident on the database. According to Bicycling, when reporting an incident, a cyclist should provide the location, time, license plate number, car details, and a measure of the level of danger. Once a report is filed, Close Call will warn members within a 60-mile radius in case they also happen to run into the driver.”

The Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum is creating an online database to document the service of veterans from Louisiana. “The Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum in Abbeville is on a quest to archive the service of more than 500,000 Louisiana veterans…. The city of Abbeville and the Vermilion Parish Police Jury both put up the funds to create the online database and so far, the museum has added information for roughly 35,000 service members into the system.” Good morning, Internet…

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