HathiTrust, Mozilla, More: Brief Thursday Buzz, January 15th, 2015

A lawsuit against the HathiTrust has been formally settled.
Here is the Author’s Guild statement.

Google has released its new Translate app.

Mozilla has released a short stack of security updates.

The British Library has launching a campaign to preserve its sound recordings.

Now available: a new MOOC collection devoted to IT education.

Facebook has launched Facebook@Work. It’s an interesting idea but the article at TechCrunch mostly just explains how much we don’t know.

Twitter has created a data map of NBA fandom. “Much like the NFL fandom map it released in October, Twitter’s latest offering lets you analyze the locations where NBA teams attract followers, while sorting by franchise and location.”

Cleverness from Amit Agarwal: How to run a poll on Twitter with Google Forms.

I’m sure you’ve read articles opining on the best time to post things on social media. But did you know that there’s apparently a best time to post things to YouTube? Good evening, Internet..

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