Texas, Qatar, Magazines, More: Tuesday Buzz, January 20th, 2015

The Texas State Archives has created an expansive digital archive of Texas Senate audio recordings. “The Texas Senate Recordings includes digitized audio files that represent approximately 25,000 cassette tapes. The original tapes were created by and received from Senate Staff Services. The collection includes public committee hearings, floor debates, press conferences, impeachment hearings, and joint meetings with House committees. ”

Is Google going to buy Softcard?

More Google: did you know there’s an URL hack to find in-depth articles on Google?

Hubspot has an article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest features you might not know about. The title is a big misleading as a lot of the “features” are actually add-ons or third party tools, but it’s an interesting.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has released a study of hashtag standards for emergencies. “This short reference provides great context for countries, states, cities, businesses, journalists, emergency responders and citizens and is a document we highly recommend everyone review.”

Qatar has begun the second phase of its digital library project. “QDL will add an additional 970,000 pages from the India Office Records dating from the mid-18th century to 1951 and historical maps and photographs. It will also include 56,000 pages of Arab Islamic sciences manuscripts, and about 100,000 pages from private papers, including those of Lady Anne Blunt, thought to be the first woman to cross the Arabian Desert in the 19th century.”

This is a bit nerdy and outside the spectrum of ResearchBuzz, but I love it: a guy wrote a program to find ISBN numbers in Pi.

Which has more bias? Wikipedia or the Encyclopedia Britannica? “In almost all cases, Wikipedia was more left-leaning than Britannica. Dividing articles into categories, the researchers found, for example, that stories on corporations were 11 percent more slanted toward Democrats, while observing similar leanings on topics such as government (9 percent), education (4 percent), immigration (4 percent), and civil rights (3 percent). Other categories did not have enough data to significantly identify bias.”

Is Google going to invest in SpaceX? “The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is considering a $1 billion investment in Musk’s satellite project, which leaves a lot of money to be raised. Further out, Musk hopes to extend the system out as far as Mars, bringing Internet connectivity to a planet the CEO wants to colonize.”

Magzter has launched a “gold” subscription option where a flat $9.99 a month will give you access to 2,000 magazines. I subscribed. What would make it perfect is if it had a “random article” feature. Like, “Give me a random article from a magazine in the business category.” I’d be all over that.

Very clever! A paraglide synchronized with Google Maps.

Hey, Google Chrome has a hidden game!

Are you anti-mouse? How to use Facebook with keyboard shortcuts.

From Social Media Examiner: How to network with Facebook Groups.

Apparently 2014 was a record year for malware. “According to AV-Test, an independent security software review group, more than 143 million malware detections were reported in 2014. That’s 72 percent more, according to a recent report, than 2013. Worse, more malware was detected during 2013-2014 than in the previous 10 years altogether.” Good morning, Internet…

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