Are You Missing Bloglines? Here’s a Possible Fix

I’ve been getting periodic e-mails asking what happened to Bloglines, and I unfortunately have not been able to provide any answers because I couldn’t find anything either!

I got a Tweet about it today and I still didn’t know anything, so I got mad and went rummaging around on Google, and I found something! Twitter user @FuturePersp tried it and said it worked.

What I found was a note from a gentleman named Matt Lueck. he’s apparently getting his Bloglines stuff via NetVibes.


Here’s the text if you need to cut and paste anything:

“This was my solution. Log into netvibes using your bloglines info. Click Dashboard then manage. On the left under Dashboards click backup data. Select Bloglines from the dropdown. that will export an XML file from to your computer with everything you were following in bloglines. Now add that to netvibes by clicking add on your page and then import the xml in the menu on the right. Now you can read things in netvibes.”

Those instructions came from a Facebook comment left at . I can’t try it because I don’t use Bloglines, but two followup comments left there and FuturePersp seems to indicate this is a way to get your Bloglines stuff. If you try it, could you please let me know in the comments if it works for you?

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  1. It works !. Many thanks. I have been looking for solutions days ago. Is amazing how irresponsible Bloglines are, there are no signs from them about this issue.
    Thanks again for share this information.

  2. I cannot log in netvives using Bloglines info. It says there is not such email in their database. What can I do?

  3. Thanks so much for the information, and the step-by-step instructions. It worked for me, and I’m so happy. I was really missing my blogs! Haven’t been able to read most of them for over a month. Sad to see Bloglines go, but happy to be able to retrieve my reading list! 🙂

    • I wouldn´t have made it withouth that tip. You even don´t have to change to OPML, you just import as XML at the place they say OPML.

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