Monday Morning Buzz, January 26th, 2015

Delicious is planning some upgrades to its APIs. The announcement was made on 21 January but no details yet (and no new entries in the blog.)

Amit never runs out of fun ideas: How to find all your “egg followers” on Twitter.

I know you’ve been wanting to turn your Instagram photos into temporary tattoos. Here ya go.

Elegant Themes has a roundup of 15 apps for holding Webinars. All the usual suspects are here (Google Hangouts, etc.) but also several I’d never heard of.

Pinterest is now personalizing search results depending on whether you’re male or female. I suppose this could work if you were searching for clothes, but the screenshots in this article for two different searches of party were disconcerting.

Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet!) alpha 2 is now available.

Twitter is apparently asking Twitter power users to stop using Instagram so much. Uh, okay. “Twitter, which is older than Instagram, has struggled to keep up with the young gun in the media department. Twitter has released countless updates to the web product and the mobile apps to try to bring more attention to images and videos. It added a tab under user profiles to view media only, and put more focus on images that are used on profiles, like the addition of the Facebook-style header image and the now-larger profile photos.” Interesting notes in the comments about posting Instagram pictures on Twitter… using IFTTT.

Social network Ello has launched the ability to share music and video clips in its feed. And if you’re both a sensitive flower and a fan of Ello, don’t read this article. I didn’t know so much Ello-slagging could fit in so few words.

GigaOm is reporting that Snapchat is hiring journalists. Wait, what? “The company will produce high quality video, images, and text for people to view in the Discover tab. … As previously reported, the company is working with CNN, Vice, Buzzfeed, and a whole host of others to help them tailor content for its upcoming Discover section.” I have never used Snapchat, but … isn’t it kind of ephemeral? Isn’t that its thing?

Adobe has released an emergency Flash patch. Unfortunately that may not be enough: “While Flash users should definitely update as soon as possible, there are indications that this fix may not plug all of the holes in Flash for which attackers have developed exploits. In a statement released along with the Flash update today, Adobe said its patch addresses a newly discovered vulnerability that is being actively exploited, but that there appears to be another active attack this patch doesn’t address.”

Kim Dotcom has finally launched Skype competitor MegaChat. “MegaChat is targeted at people who are wary of Skype’s security (and its browser-based model is also a swipe at Microsoft’s plans to integrate Skype into Internet Explorer so people don’t have to download its desktop app). As with all services that offer end-to-end encryption, however, it still pays to be careful. The Register notes that a security researcher was able to steal passwords from Mega’s file-sharing service back in 2013. Kim Dotcom is seeking to allay similar concerns about MegaChat by offering a bounty to anyone who finds a security bug.”

Kirk McElhearn put up a potentially-useful article: how to add subtitles to DVDs ripped with Handbrake.

Amazon has launched a tool for making Kindle textbooks. “It’s straightforwardly titled the Kindle Textbook Creator, and it makes it easy to transform PDFs into an e-book format. Plain PDFs are pretty static learning materials, but Amazon says its Textbook Creator offers a simple (and free) way to organize an array of educational materials — graphs, equations, charts or anything else you might find in a textbook.” Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Adobe FlashPlayer version cited in the item about an emergency patch for FlashPlayer already has been updated to version which was installed on my Windows 7 PC on 25 Jan – apparently ‘pushed’ out via automatic update if you have that turned ON.

    Alternatively, you can get the ~17MB download of version at:

    There’s also a short item about version at:

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