Greenland, Free Things, Twitter, More: Afternoon Buzz, February 19th, 2015

A new tool is available to check the safety of your Google Drive documents, though it’s more for Google Apps. “The tool highlights which files have been shared publicly, beyond your company’s domain or with personal email accounts, and reveals other apps that may have exposed information. It also identifies who in your company is sharing with outside users and scans for harmful file types.”

The Next Web has published a huge list of 300 free things. Divided into categories. Huge list, could be a bad timesink.

MIT Technology Review has a big overview of Project Loon, Google’s Internet-by-balloon project.

Google is apparently putting up a bunch of “this site may be hacked” warnings today. “Many of the sites complaining are in the adult business but not all. There are some sites in the affiliate space, some in credit card sales, some publisher sites and more. I am not sure if this is a bug with Google’s hacked classifier or if there is a commonality between all these sites, such as they are all using the same CMS, which has a major security flaw that was exposed and thus they are all hacked?”

From Entrepreneur Magazine: Five tools for downloading and analyzing Twitter data.

Lifehacker has updated its list of the best Chromecast apps.

A new Web site shows immigrants to England during medieval times. “The new database, accessible to the public, shows that in 1440, the names of 14,500 individuals were recorded, at a time when the population of England was approximately two million.”

Google has launched its 2015 Science Fair. “From now through May 18, students around the world ages 13-18 can submit projects online across all scientific fields, from biology to computer science to anthropology and everything in between. Prizes include $100,000 in scholarships and classroom grants from Scientific American and Google, a National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos, an opportunity to visit LEGO designers at their Denmark headquarters, and the chance to tour Virgin Galactic’s new spaceship at their Mojave Air and Spaceport. This year we’re also introducing an award to recognize an Inspiring Educator, as well as a Community Impact Award honoring a project that addresses an environmental or health challenge.”

More Google: it is pushing back against the FBI. “In particular, Google sounds the alarm over the FBI’s desire to ‘remotely’ search computers that have concealed their location – either through encryption or by obscuring their IP addresses using anonymity services such as Tor. Those government searches, Google says, ‘may take place anywhere in the world. This concern is not theoretical. … [T]he nature of today’s technology is such that warrants issued under the proposed amendment will in many cases end up authorizing the government to conduct searches outside the United States.'”

More More Google: Greenland is now on Google Street View. Good afternoon, Internet…

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