Philharmonic, Yandex, Instagram, More: Evening Buzz, February 19th, 2015

Twitter is being pressured to act more aggressively against terrorists. “An upcoming report has identified as many as 46,000 Twitter accounts that were being used by IS sympathizers during a three-month period last fall — making it by far the most popular social media service for the terror group, according to J.M. Berger, who conducted the study, to be published next month by the Brookings Institution.”

From PC World (Warning! PC World!): How to send personalized mass e-mails using Google Spreadsheets.

I didn’t think you could do this but apparently you can: four tools for scheduling Instagram updates. Check out the comments.

Russian search engine Yandex has filed an antitrust complaint against Google. “According to Yandex, Google is actively preventing local smartphone vendors from pre-loading competing services onto devices running Android. It claims the belief that Android is an open platform is merely an illusion, as, in order to put the Google Play store on their devices, manufacturers are required to install the entire suite of Google services and set Google as the default search engine.”

You remember Google’s Volta logo from yesterday? At least one viewer is worried about it causing seizures.

The New York Philharmonic Archive has expanded. “Leonard Bernstein said goodbye with Mahler’s Symphony No. 3. And Arturo Toscanini’s farewell concert in 1936 featured Wagner excerpts, and Jascha Heifetz playing the Beethoven Violin Concerto. The programs for those farewells are among the 10,000 that have been added to the orchestra’s searchable digital archive, which now has a total of 13,300 programs dating to the orchestra’s founding in 1842. Now people can see the programs for concerts including the 1865 memorial for Abraham Lincoln and the 1928 premiere of Gershwin’s ‘An American in Paris.'”

Should be interesting: Imgur’s getting a topic directory. And a little more: “In addition to Topics, users will also now be able to assign optional user-generated tags, which are linked to one of the broader Topics. Imgur will serve up tag suggestions, but the uploader and Imgur community ultimately decide what the best tags are, with users able to ‘upvote’ tags to determine which are used — examples could be ‘Cats,’ ‘Camping,’ ‘Soccer,’ or anything relevant to the content.”

Do you have a Lenovo laptop that’s fairly recent? You need to check it for adware. Not only adware but adware with some dead stupid (and dangerous) extras: “Other users are reporting that the adware actually installs its own self-signed certificate authority which effectively allows the software to snoop on secure connections, like banking websites as pictured in action below.”

The Guardian runs down 25 alternatives to Photoshop. I really like Picmonkey. It and Gimp do just about everything I need.

Is YouTube setting up another subscription service? Good evening, Internet…

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