Netherlands, Fonts, Smart Phones, More: Brief Monday Buzz, February 23rd, 2015

Did you miss the Academy Awards? Here’s a quick-n-easy list of winners.

Lenovo has created an automated Superfish removal tool for the horrible adware it installed on some of its laptops.

Fast Company has a writeup on a Web app for designing your own fonts. “Created by Swiss designers Marco Müller and Alexis Reigel, Metaflop isn’t just an easy online tool for creating simple typefaces, it’s also a great tutorial on a lot of the terminology of type design. If you’ve ever read about typeface terms like ascenders, cap heights, overshoot, descenders, and contrasts, there’s no better way to figure out what these terms mean than by using a slider to change their variables and see how it changes a typeface in real time.”

You can now search the full text of PDFs in the Wellcome Library catalog. “You don’t have to do anything special: search as normal and you’ll get more relevant results. But, you can use ‘Search Found In: Full-Text’ from the options in the left hand menu. This narrows your results to searching within the full-text of an item.”

Mashable has a roundup of sites to turn your quotes into interesting visuals. Nice set of resources here but didn’t mention one of my favorites: PixTeller.

Turns out malware might be able to track your phone’s movement by watching power consumption. “The technique is straightforward in theory. The idea is that a smartphone’s power usage depends largely on the distance from the nearest base station. As a user moves, this distance changes, increasing or decreasing the power needed to communicate with a base station. So the power usage profile is strongly correlated with the movement of the phone, or in other words, with the route taken by its owner. Given several different potential routes, the power usage profile should reveal which the user has taken.” On the other hand, there has to be independent knowledge of routes that the user might take or might have taken.

TechCrunch takes a look at Twitter’s future. “The company’s recent earnings beat estimates, proving that the revenue department under Adam Bain continues to provide lift to Twitter’s business. Stock is up several percent. Active user growth, though not exactly world-on-fire material, is measurable at 20% in the past year. The market seems to be responding to the rhyme that Costolo and company are spitting. But what about the product?”

The Netherlands Institute of Military History has joined the Flickr Commons. “The staff of the NIMH administer a unique military history collection containing approximately 2 million images, of which they will be uploading many to the site.” Good morning, Internet…

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